Second Mortgage

Getting a Second Mortgage with Bad Credit

When compared to a regular loan, finding and getting a second mortgage can be daunting, especially if you have bad credit.

Second mortgages are a bit riskier & may come with higher fees and/or interest rates; hence before deciding to take out a bad credit second mortgage on your home, you should be aware of current rates, risks involved, and what lenders are looking for, and then determine how to make your second mortgage work.

What Is a Second Mortgage & Understanding the Risks

If you didn’t do so well with your first mortgage, you really should familiarize yourself with what a second mortgage is and what it means. This way you can determine the best way to make it work for you the second time around.

You can take out a second mortgage but you should understand that a second mortgage is secured against your home. So, if your home goes into foreclosure, any money that is made off the sale of your home will be applied to your first mortgage first. Since it’s unlikely that you will sell your home for double the price, it’s also unlikely that these proceeds will pay off your second mortgage, which explains the risks involved in this mortgage type.

What Lenders generally look for with Bad Credit Second Mortgages?

Have you experienced difficulties in paying your first mortgage? Don’t fear, a second mortgage can help you to turn things around and do it right the second time. Even with bad credit, it’s possible to get a second mortgage. It may be a little bit tricky, but it’s not impossible. You should know what lenders will be looking for, so that you are prepared when the time comes:

Your Income-to-Debt Ratio

When lenders are collecting and reviewing your information to determine whether they will lend to you for your second mortgage, one of the things they look really closely at is your income-to-debt ratio. Simply, this means that look at your total amount of debt and your total amount of income, and then compare the two. If you make more money than you pay out in debt, your chances of getting the loan will be greater.

Home Equity

Your home equity on your first mortgage can also help you out with a bad credit second mortgage. You can utilize up to 95% (with one of our lender) of your home equity (normally 80%) to get your second mortgage loan. Keep in mind that this will be less the outstanding amount owed on your first mortgage.

Work History

Since lenders want to be assured that you will have the ability to pay back the second mortgage, therefore they will also examine your work history. As long as you have an income that you and they can depend on, this will increase and/or improve your chances of getting the second loan.

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